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    • 選擇保溫砂漿的理由是什么?
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    1. Good economy


    The optimum scheme of technical performance and economic performance can be achieved if the proper thermal insulation system of inorganic thermal insulation mortar material is replaced by the traditional indoor and outdoor batch construction.


    2, green environmental pollution free


    The thermal insulation system of inorganic insulation mortar material is non-toxic, tasteless and non radioactive. It is harmless to the environment and the human body. At the same time, a large number of industrial waste residue and low grade building materials can be used in a large amount of popularization and use. It has good comprehensive utilization of environmental protection benefits.


    3. Inorganic thermal insulation mortar has excellent temperature stability and chemical stability.


    The thermal insulation system of inorganic thermal insulation mortar is made of pure inorganic materials. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no cracking, no falling off, high stability, no aging problem, and the same life as building walls.


    4. The safety of fire retardant and flame retardant is good, and the user is assured


    The inorganic insulation mortar material insulation system does not fire. It can be widely used in intensive residential buildings, public buildings, large public places, inflammable and explosive places, and strict places for fire prevention. It can also be used as arson isolation belt to improve the building fire protection standard.


    5. The construction is simple and the comprehensive cost is low


    The insulation system of inorganic thermal insulation mortar material can be directly applied to the rough wall, and the construction method is the same as that of the cement mortar leveling layer. The machine used in this product is simple. Construction convenience, compared with other insulation systems, has obvious advantages of short construction period and easy quality control.


    6. The application range is wide to prevent the cold heat bridge from producing


    The thermal insulation system of inorganic thermal insulation mortar is applicable to all kinds of wall base materials and thermal insulation of all kinds of complex walls. All closed, no joint, no cavity, no cold and hot bridge. And not only to do external thermal insulation of external wall can also do external thermal insulation, or external thermal insulation inside and outside the outer wall, and roof insulation and geothermal insulation layer, for the design of energy saving system to provide a certain flexibility.


    7. High intensity


    The thermal insulation system of inorganic thermal insulation mortar has high bond strength with the base layer, so it is not easy to produce cracks and hollowing. This has certain technical advantages compared to all thermal insulation materials in China.


    8. Good thermal performance


    The thermal insulation property of inorganic insulation mortar material is far greater than that of organic thermal insulation material, which can be used for summer heat insulation in the south. At the same time, the thermal conductivity of the construction with enough thickness can be less than 0.07W/m.K, and the thermal conductivity can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of mechanical strength and the requirements of practical use. It can be used in different occasions, such as ground, ceiling and other occasions.


    9. Good effect of mildew prevention


    It can prevent the energy conduction of cold and hot bridge and prevent mildew produced by indoor condensation.